Social Welfare

We Play Our Part…

In July of 2010, heavy monsoon rains struck major regions of Pakistan which affect the Indus River Basin. Approximately one-fifth of the total land area was affected by these alarming floods that ravaged most of Southern Punjab leaving so many families homeless and helpless to survive. According to official government data, these floods directly affected about 20 million people mostly by destruction of property, livelihood and infrastructure, with a death toll close to the 2000 figure. It was a heart-breaking notion. Something desperately needed to be done.

And so it was. The cavalry came in the form the SUKH CHAYN visionaries who accepted their role as humanitarian representatives of Pakistan and sought to re-establish these people.

Rajanpur District Mithan Kot, Chachran Sharif – Being the village with the least socio-economic status amongst the sea of devastation left behind by the flood, the SC Partners decided to RE-build the entire infrastructure of Basti Miani, Mithan Kot. They handed over this project to the Government of Punjab after constructing…

  • 265 Houses
  • A School (Run by T.C.F)
  • Vocational Training Centre (For Boys & Girls)
  • A Mosque
  • A Dispensary
  • A Playground
  • Water Filtration Plant

Considering the urgency of the situation, 24 hour based 3 shifts of working teams were employed that resulted in the miraculous and blissful completion time of 4 months.

SCG Multi-Purpose Sports Ground In Islamabad


Inaugurated on the 8th of May 2017 in partnership with CDA & Mayor of Islamabad. Opening ceremony was attended by Chairman CDA and Mayor Islamabad Mr. Anser Aziz, Chairman Sukh Chayn Gardens Mr. Shujaat Azeem, CEO Sukh Chayn Gardens Mr. Imtiaz Ali Khan and other notable dignitaries and directors of Sukh Chayn Gardens such as, Mr. Saleem Bashir Liang, Mr. Arif Habib among others.

The newly inaugurated sports ground caters to the community of the city whilst carrying all the facilities needed to encourage physical activity of the youth. Facilities include

Basketball Court 

Mini Football Ground 

Jogging Track

Practice Pitch